3mm Plastic Chain

3/4 inch x 3mm

$0.27 for 1 foot

Only certain colors are available at the sale price!

Please check the drop down menu for available colors! 
Pink Hibiscus Shot Glass

​20 cents each

Select quantity:

Pink Charms

You will receive a bag filled with a mixture of charms.  

Color/type/quantity will vary per bag.

Bags are filled from a large box of mixed charms so you won't get exactly the same mixture/quantity of things each time. 


15% off, see drop down menu below for sale prices!!! 
Small Bags are approximately 4 3/4 inches by 3 inches
Medium Bags are approximately
6 inches by 4 inches
Large Bags are approximately
8 inches by 6 inches
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100ft 3mm Chain Pack

Each pack contains 5ft each of 20 colors for 100ft total.  

You will receive the colors shown in the picture. 

​Please note if the shopping cart says these are out of stock, try decreasing the amount you have in your cart. If you try buying 5 and there are only 3 available, it will tell you they are out of stock until you have only the available number in your cart. If you only have 1 and it says out of stock, then unfortunately they have sold out.