Safety is our main concern when choosing items to sell on our website. However no amount of preparation and precaution can eliminate all accidents.

We will thoroughly inspect each and every item before shipping it to you. IT IS IMPORTANT that as a pet owner you understand that regular use of any product by any animal, as well as time itself and cleaning may cause defects over time.

Please keep in mind it is VERY important to inspect your Sugar Glider cage items and toys on a regular basis to help insure your animals safety.

Please check each item carefully for safety when you receive it from us  and if there is any problem of any kind please contact us immediately.

We will resolve any issues promptly.

Goods ordered in error: Please note we do not accept responsibility for customers' error in ordering and can not issue refunds after an item has been shipped.

If you order and then change your mind before your items have been packed and shipped and want a refund, it will be minus the 30 cents fee that PayPal charges for every transaction.

Roger and Catherine Prewett