Foraging Containers

Sugar Gliders love to forage so adding containers to your toys and hiding their treats or even their actual dinner around the cage is very enriching and rewarding for them! 

I usually send a mixture of colors, if you need something specific though you can check if I have that available before ordering.
Hibiscus Shot Glass

30 cents each

12 for $3.00 (25 cents each)

(You will be sent a mix of colors) 

Glass color
Tiny Mugs

The handle on the mug is big enough for the Small Shape Links.

Colorful Cup

At just over 3" tall and 2 1/2" wide these brightly colored large cups make a good toy base or an addition to another toy.

If you order a 12 pack you will get 2 of each color shown in the photo. 

If you order a 6 pack you will get one of each color shown.

If you order individually color/s will be a surprise. 

$0.80 each

$4.20 (70c each) for a 6 pack 

Prism Foraging Cup

These are great for encouraging foraging behavior! The opening on the top is just the right size for a Sugar Gliders to fit their hand through. They make treat time a bit more of a challenge than our regular cups and mugs! 

They also come with a handy hook on the side that will fit one of our small links as shown in the picture. 

$1.00 (25c each) for a 4 pack 

$2.40 (20c each) for a 12 pack

Select quantity:
Plastic Skull Cups

You will receive 1 of each color in a 4 pack or 3 of each color in a 12 pack.
Size: Just over 2" tall

$1.48 (37c each) for a 4 pack 

$3.72 (31c each) for a 12 pack

15% off
Select quantity:
These have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

I am putting limits on how many you can purchase so that everyone has a chance to buy some.

If you order $30 or more before shipping and tax of other items from our website and would like to purchase some please email me after you have placed your order and I can send you an invoice for some mugs.

 You can purchase up to 50 mugs of each, the mixed, the white, and the black. 

They are 10 mugs for a $1.